Member Benefits Continued...

As with most professional associations, the member benefits tend to follow along three lines that may be described as programmed, network-based and participatory.


  • Website resources like free standards
  • Discounted rates on educational material
  • Webinars
  • Security Management Magazine
  • GSX
  • Best Practices Seminars and Chapter Meetings
  • Certification (CPP, PSP, PCI)

Network Based:

  • Opportunities to meet and dialogue with others in the industry which can help:
    • Maintain a good support base
    • Keep abreast of the leading edge of the industry
    • Keep abreast of technologies and services available in the market.


  • Whether it is contributing in an ASIS Committee, Council, or leadership role with the Chapter, there are many opportunities to learn and grow within the industry.  … and it just feels good to be part of something positive. 

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